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Frequently Asked Questions

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Trying out the Mbuzzz international calling services for Free is easier than you think. The user simply needs to register on the website and follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Enter the voucher code you received via email from us in the 'Use Voucher' section.
  • Follow the instruction provided in the email.
Registering on Mbuzzz is a piece of cake. All a user needs to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Click on New User
  • Fill in details and click on register
  • Enter the security code and verify the email id
  • Login to your account on Mbuzzz and verify your Mobile Number
  • Start calling with the Free Buzzz Voucher.
Whether you call using the DID/Access number, Mobile Dialer app or the PC2Phone Dialer, the dialing pattern remains the same. Dial the country code followed by the destination number. Note: Don't use any kind of prefix while dialing a number.
Register on Mbuzzz and follow the procedure:
  • Choose the country and the plan you want to purchase
  • Click on Buy, Now you will now be redirected to PayPal's page
  • If you are a registered PayPal user then sign in to your account and make the payment
  • If not then opt for the 'pay with a debit or credit card' option to make the payment.
The Buzzz Unlimited plans have been specifically designed for users who wish to make long uninterrupted calls to a particular destination regardless of the call duration. Users opting for these plans will be able to place Unlimited* calls to their desired destination without having to pay through their hand and glove.
The users who don't require to make a truckload of international calls, Pay As You Go is the perfect option to choose. This exclusive plan allows the user to make call anytime without being worried about the validity of their top-up value.
The Buzzz Favorite plan is perfect for the international callers who just wish to place Unlimited* calls on any one particular number at their destination country.
To get the complete information about how to make a call via the DID/Access number, PC2Phone Dialer and Mobile dialer app; click here.
If you don't wish to enter your Tel id and Tel pin every time you place a call using Mbuzzz, follow the mentioned steps:
  • Login to your account on the website
  • Click on the 'My Plans' option
  • Choose your current Plan and click on the 'Manage ANIs' option provided in the kit
  • Enter your mobile number in the slot preceded by a 0. For ex. 01613457598, 07865433234, etc.
  • After entering your ANI number, dial the DID number followed by the destination number (without using '00' or '+' as a prefix for your country code).
If the Mbuzzz PC2Phone dialer is not supported on your computer, then it is most likely that either you have a MAC device or your Windows PC runs on a 64-bit operating system. The PC2Phone dialer will function perfectly in most of the Windows PCs which support the 64-bit OS but might not work in some. Still can't figure it out? Contact Us.
To get the detailed report of the recent calls that you made through your PC2Phone Dialer, please follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Login to your PC2Phone dialer
  • Click on the menu and go to Web CDR
  • This will be your Call Detailed Report.
If you have lost your password then please follow the below mentioned procedure:
  • Click on 'Login' section
  • Enter your registered email id and hit the submit button
  • Your password will be sent to your registered email address.

Our DID/Access Numbers

  • United Kingdom
    • +44 2034326456
    • +44 1616609264
    • +44 1519093967
    • +44 2034329317
    • +44 2034329318
    • +44 2034328458
    • +44 2034329347
    • +44 2034329329
    • +44 1618206671
  • United States Of America
    • Los Angeles : +1-213-2211097
    • New York : +1-516-8333360
  • Canada
    • Toronto : +1-416-8001258
    • Quebec : +1-581-7000051
  • Australia
    • Sydney : +61-28-0734444
    • Melbourne : +61-39-9980493
Clients Testimonials

My job requires me to stay in touch with people all around the globe so naturally I went in for the Buzzz World plan from this website and was fairly surprised by the good quality I experienced even when my calls were to the far away regions of the globe including way outside Asia (which seems to be their forte). Keep up the good work guys and I will always be your customer if you do so.

Pablo Rodriguez, Spain