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Hassle-Free Sign Up
Forget all the complicated procedures to get through the initial verification of using the services. With Mbuzzz, everything is quick-everything is easy.

Experience Internet-Free Ride
Throw away your data cards and internet cables while making an international call. Mbuzzz presents an internet-free calling experience!

Do Away With Wires!
Everyone hates the hodgepodge of wires & devices and hence we promise hassle-free calling experience to our users. Yes! With Mbuzzz, you really don't need adaptor, hardware or any other mess including wires by your side when you make use of our services.

Everything Is Fine, Mobile or Landline!
With Mbuzzz, make calls using your mobile phones as well as your landlines! Feel comfortable even if you don't have one, as you always have the other!

Shoo Away Preparatory Mess!
You are never required to be prepared to make instant international calls. With no need of changing the connection settings for your landlines or mobile phone; Mbuzzz is always ready to connect you with every corner of our blue planet.

Shed No Extra Bucks!
We offer fixed monthly billing plans which promise NO HIDDEN COST at all. Now you never need to keep an alert eye on the number of seconds while you are on the call. Also wipe away the fear of hefty bills as you don’t need to check the bill after every call you make. Just sit back and enjoy buzzing! We offer the cheapest and best calling experience. With Mbuzzz, save the money and hear it clinking in your pocket. Make unlimited cheap international calls by paying fixed amount every month.

Hear The Voice, Not The Noise!
Now experience superlative clear voice conversation without being interrupted by the white noise. With Mbuzzz, don't let the noise kill the feeling of being connected. Enjoy noise-free calling whenever you feel like!

We Are Delighted To Help You!
We offer 24*7 customer care services. So feel free to ask for a helping hand! We would be more than happy to help you!

Clients Testimonials

My job requires me to stay in touch with people all around the globe so naturally I went in for the Buzzz World plan from this website and was fairly surprised by the good quality I experienced even when my calls were to the far away regions of the globe including way outside Asia (which seems to be their forte). Keep up the good work guys and I will always be your customer if you do so.

Pablo Rodriguez, Spain